Brendan Pearson

The Happiest Man Alive

Born: Wednesday, 31 August 1955 (Brooklyn, New York)

Passed: Saturday, 23 April 2005 (Staten Island, New York)

Brendan Pearson....The most amazing person I have ever had the privilege of knowing. His compassion and love for the people around him were second to none. My father was the most selfless individual there was, always putting people before himself and always ready to lend a helping hand when need be. The most amazing thing about my father was his ability to always put a smile on someone's face no matter the situation. He had an unbelievable knack for always being able to brighten people's day.

He is the most amazing father anyone could have ever asked for. His love for my mother and I was as fierce as anyone could ever love. Wether he was at the dinner table with family, at my baseball games, or at one of the frequent backyard parties with friends you could tell that he was the happiest man alive. This was even more evident when he was around my mother. From just the way he looked at her you could see that she truly was his other half. Being able to witness the love he had for my mother and I is the greatest gift my father could have ever given me because I know that one day I can experience that love for myself. You are and always will be my hero, and I can only hope to become half the man you were. Till we meet again.....I love you Dad!

By: Matthew Pearson
Added: Wednesday, 24 August 2016