Fortunato "Chubby" Quinto

A Family Man to the Fullest

Born: Saturday, 5 September 1936 (Brooklyn, New York)

Passed: Sunday, 28 October 2012 (Staten Island, New York)

Fotunato "Chubby" Quinto—My grandma and mother have told us so many stories over the years about how amazing he was. Before he was a grandfather, he was a devoted and wonderful father. As the saying goes, "The best dads always get promoted to grandpas," and he was no exception. He loved his family unconditionally.

Ever since I could remember my grandpa has always been there to give us a good laugh, to care for us, to console us when needed, to spoil us all and most importantly to be our best friend. When we were kids every Halloween we would create a vegetable pumpkin with him and he would bring it into our classrooms on Halloween. This meant so much to us, he always made us feel special. He would work at night and babysit his grandchildren during the day and made sure we were never bored.

His creativity and imagination were second to none and I am happy to say it is the best trait I received from him. I loved to do projects with him whether it was coloring, painting or woodwork.

My grandpa was also known to joke around a lot. When he was in the rehabilitation center, he would ride around the halls in his wheel chair with the TV remote turning off all the other patients TVs or changing the channels.

While I miss him dearly, I am grateful for every single second I spent with him. I can look back fondly at him and realize how much of him is truly within me.

By: Justine Taylor
Added: Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Ann Quinto Taylor

My dad left us way too soon but we are blessed to have so many wonderful memories. Where do I begin?... He was very creative from helping us all with school projects to Mr Fix It when we owned homes to his imaginative play with his grandchildren. He was also quite the jokester and storyteller. My fondest memories aside from my wedding day and him being the special Papa to my girls are the Holidays. He'd be right there in the kitchen helping mom cook and bake. Crispella and struffola his favorites. We were able to mass produce because he concocted a motor to the pasta machine so the dough would be the perfect thinness and size. I'm proud to say my husband has taken on this role now. My dads legacy lives on in so many precious ways

2016-08-24 17:07:36

Susan Calfa (Niece)

There are so many stories and great memories, where to start??? Well, we all know he was a police officer...when we were kids, he was at our house often as he is my mother's only brother and our favorite Uncle, we used to play cops and robbers and run through the grandma lived with us, his MOM, and she used to yell at him but it didn't matter, he did so many fun things with us. He was there for all of my siblings while we grew up, whether it was for support or we were in trouble, he was there.....going forward to me getting married and having new memories. Well, here is one more...My husband and I were building a workshop in the garage of the house we just purchased, and who better to help than Uncle chubby. so He and my husband were at it all day, hammering and one point, my husband was holding a nail while Uncle was hammering, and he missed the nail but got Frank's finger instead and smashed his ring...they went crazy trying to figure out how to get the ring off, but somehow they did, while it was painful at the time, they laughed about it for years to come....just so many stories to tell I could be here all day with the fond memories...thank you Uncle. I love you!

2016-08-24 15:17:40

Ann Taylor

"A heck of s Santa too". Posted by Tommy Murray our old neighbor. My dad, for many years, played Santa for me and my siblings, neighborhood kids and his grandkids. Another warm and wonderful memory.

2016-08-25 03:56:28

Gabriell Lucchese

"Chubby" was my long-time good friend Justine's PopPop and anytime I came over and he was around, he made us crack up in laughter. I specifically remember a time he misheard something we said to him and insisted we said "cheese." Justine tried telling him we did not say cheese and he repeatedly said "cheese, cheese?!" This made us laugh so hard. He was a silly guy everytime I was in his presence. I know Justine loved him so much and continues to keep his spirit alive!

2016-09-13 12:48:27