Vincent DeCicco

No Matter What I'll Never Be Too Far

Born: Thursday, 14 January 1960 (Brooklyn, New York)

Passed: Friday, 8 August 2008 (Staten Island, New York)

Vinny DeCicco touched the lives of everyone around him. Vinny, above all else, was a loving father, husband and uncle. On multiple occasions, Vinny was known to rig up the basement of his home like a haunted house, have company watch multiple horror films and then find some excuse for everyone to go in the basement and be scared senseless.

Vinny was one of the biggest Yankees and Cowboys fan anyone had ever met and he was known to call friends after Yankee games to discuss the loss or revel in the victory as if he was Joe Torre. Vinny's love of baseball extended beyond the Yankees, as he managed his own teams at New Springville Little League. He was loved by many parents and players for both being fair and also teaching players how to win the right way. Every summer after baseball season, the DeCicco household was host to backyard parties for players and parents to celebrate the season, regardless of how it ended.

As fair and as caring my dad was to others, it paled in comparison to the love I was shown growing up. My dad was always one of my best friends and would always find time to watch sports, play video games, watch a movie or throw a ball around no matter how many hours he worked that day. He passed down many qualities to me including my love of the Yankees, Cowboys and Seinfeld. There's no words I can use to truly capture how great of a man my father was but to remind myself all I need to do is remember what he used to tell me" "No matter what, I'll never be too far."

By: Vin DeCicco
Added: Friday, 19 August 2016

Anthony Roca

I will always remember the kindest guy Vinny was and all the fun times playing ball in the street. Vinny was always protective and always very happy to be around, I lived directly behind him in staten island and loved his family. You will never be forgotten and you will be missed by all.. Grace, I hope all is well and just wanted to pay respect to you and your family, sincerely, Anthony Roca (917) 502-2178

2017-02-05 07:13:41

Dylan Fusco

I'll never forget how I didn't want to play sports as a kid and the only reason I went to my first baseball tryouts at new springville was because coach vin said I should go And I didn't want to disappoint him. He taught me so much on the field and off the field I am forever thankful. He is truly missed but the memories we have growing up together with him will last forever.

2016-08-26 09:31:02